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Dave and Dujanovic

Jun 12, 2018

South Salt Lake has the highest population of low-income and refugee families in the state. We were originally drawn to them because of their Urban Livability Department which is doing amazing things to help families find opportunity to fit in and flourish in their community. From after-school programs to repainting an entire street of homes, this city takes serving the public to the next level.

The project we are doing with them is unique because we plan to help create a bike bath that will be used during the summer to teach low-income/refugee children to ride a bike. The city received a large grant to purchase bikes for qualifying kids and will be holding clinics throughout the summer to help them learn how to ride. While some volunteers are building a bike path, we plan to have others help with park maintenance. Last year the city purchased the lot next door to the current park, and are hoping to expand current park landscaping and trails into the new area.