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Dave and Dujanovic

Dec 29, 2017

Weight. The topic you should never discuss with your significant other unless you want to spend eternity in the doghouse. 

Yet many people are concerned about President Donald Trump's weight. Trump has his first physical exam on January 12.

May are touting his poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Trump is an avid McDonald's fan. He can easily pound down a 1,900-calorie meal in a few minutes. 

Does that matter, though? Is it our responsibility to worry about his health or should brush it off as something that we shouldn't care about? 

Dave Noriega oversees sports television. He produces, shoots, edits, writes and occasionally reports on KSL Sports shows. He also hosts a weekly radio show called “Cougar Sports Saturday” with Alex Kirry on KSL Newsradio. On top of that, he produces a weekly audio podcast called "SportsBeat Radio.” Dave also hosts "Cougar Tracks Game Day.” Follow Dave on Facebook and on Twitter.

Debbie Dujanovic moved to KSL-TV in 2000, where she reported on the morning show and later was named the station's investigative reporter. In 2009, she left KSL to become the spokesperson for the FBI Salt Lake City Division. With news still in her blood, she returned to KSL-TV in 2013 where she rejoined the station's award-winning investigative team. You can keep up with Debbie on Facebook and on Twitter.

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