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Dave and Dujanovic

May 31, 2018

Michael Rotondo, like many millennials, is living with his parents. Only, it's against their wishes.


Now he's being forced to move out after his parents took him to court where the judge ruled in their favor.


Maybe that seems harsh, but they did serve five written notices before taking legal action, and even gave him $1,100 to find a new place, but Michael claims that's still not enough, and he wants a 6 month notice to get his affairs in order.


Debbie's take: This is the reason our generation reviles millennials. People like this are creating the stereotype of the snowflake which is a shame because they really are the minority.


Dave's take: Dave says that according to Failure to Launch, there are 4 steps to getting the kids out.


Dave and Dujanovic is hosted by KSL News Radio's Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic. KSL News Radio is part of Bonneville Media and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don’t forget to review and subscribe to the Dave and Dujanovic podcast on iTunes.